Sandip Trivedi who works at Quantierra and lives in NYC.

If you have landed on this page, that is really surprising as I don’t expect anyone to really see this. This whole site and this page is just me, Sandip Trivedi, playing around with static site generators, especially since I might have to use one for my job at Quantierra. This specific static site generator was not really the easiest to work with compared to others.

I have held many jobs over the years. My current job is at a company called Quantierra. Quantierra helps developers and investors find commercial and investment properties they want to buy, using data and algorithms. Pretty much, the engineers at Quantierra, including myself, have built out a system to collect, clean, organize, analyze and display real estate data in New York City. On top of currently only providing analysis for NYC, Quantierra is also based in New York City. Due to the nature of our data and our clients, we can’t really share much of what we do publicly. But there are some cases where we have built really cool and interesting stuff. One of which was a zoning piece done by the New York Times, with data put together by Sandip Trivedi and Stephen Smith who work for Quantierra and used Quantierra’s data and platform.

Quantierra has some really good investors like Y Combinator and Venture Souq and many others. I believe you can find more at Crunchbase, Angel List and Pitchbook.

I probably should give Quantierra, the employer it’s own page.

I’ll write out my other jobs that I have had but in the meantime, you can see them at Linkedin, Crunchbase, Angel List, F6S and many others and some code I have written is on Github.

Also, do not hesitate to DM on Twitter if there are any questions, although I’m sure they are none.