Sandip Trivedi - Personal Website

I know that no one is going to read this so I could just do Lorem Ipsum (or some variant, like hipster loreum ipsum!), but I thought I might as well write something out about myself. So here we go, some stuff about me.

This site is about my personal interests.

I live in NYC and I am a cofounder at and work at Quantierra. I have lived all over New York City and ended up in Brooklyn, NY.

Honestly, I just created this site to experiment with static site generators. I don’t really have much interesting stuff to share at the moment

So this is the a skeleton setup. I’ll come back and add more sometime in the future. Most of the stuff I will add in the future will be related to experimenting with different static site generators and css and javascript frameworks. I’ll still add other personal stuff about me as well. But until I do, you can check me out at other sites on the internet, which I should actually do a better of filling out any using.

This specific static site generator was not that bad to set up although it was more complex than I was used to with older static site generators.

I’m on Twitter although I don’t really tweet that much and Facebook although I really don’t posted that much. I’m also on and watch Twitch and Youtube. I’m on Quora and on Medium, although I haven’t started blogging or answering questions. Although I’m not really that active, I have a few other accounts like Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Soundcloud, Flickr, and Tik Tok. I always tell myself that I’ll get more active on social media but it has not happened yet. But feel free to connect with me on any of them, I do check my DMs. I’m trying to get more into exercising so I’m also on Strava. I really like to read (check out my Goodreads) and I really like to watch movies (check out my Letterboxd) and I like Science Fiction and Fantasy. I spend a bunch of time on Reddit, probably too much time. Luckily there are a lot of Stack Exchange communities for my interests, from Movies and TV and Science Fiction and Fantasy to Mathematics (there is also Math Overflow) and Physics to Politics and History to Puzzles.

Here is something interesting I got to work on. A few collegues and I helped out for this article about zoning. It was a really cool project and it ran the New York Times.