Sandip Trivedi who works at Quantierra and lives in NYC.

So yeah, I highly doubt anyone will actually ever read this but since I am here, I am going to write about my interests. But before that I’m going to comment on this and other static site generators. This was a lote more keystrokes to create a new page than I would expect. It is even more work that creating a whole resource in Ruby on Rails. Anyway, here are some of my interests below.

I am and have been interested in politics and history. I read a lot of news and nonfiction related to both, but probably too much news as of late so I’m trying to read more longform articles about politics. I also have been listening to a lot more podcasts about politics but thankfully I do not have cable or else I would most likely be glued to cable news. There is an interesting Q&A site about politics. Although there are not many podcasts about history, there are some amazing documentaries that I like to watch (and in some cases re-watch). There also a Q&A site for history.

Also, I am a big reader and movie/tv watcher, especially for comedies and science fiction/fantasy, I am really into science fiction and fantasy. There is also a good Q&A site for science fiction and fantasy that gets really helpful.

I also like to eat, you can see where I like to eat at my Foursquare profile.

On top of that, I really like to learn about mathematics and physics, although I am not an expert by any means. So there are a Q&A sites for mathematics like math overflow and mathematics. There is a Q&A site for physics as well.

I’m also into puzzles, I try to do the NYTimes crossword daily. There is a Q&A site for puzzles.

Finally, I am interested in programming and data analysis. This leads to my day job at Quantierra. Quantierra is a data and algorithmic driven real estate firm that focuses on a specific geographic location which in this case is New York City and surrounding areas and focuses on a specific type of real estate which is investment and commercial real estate and focuses on a specific customer segment which in this case are real estate developers and investors, mainly institutional developers and investors. We get to work on some really interesting stuff at Quantierra but most of which I cannot share publicly. One thing I can share is a project with did with the New York Times about zoning where they gave us a shout out (where they say that Stephen Smith and Sandip Trivedi of Quantierra). The project was a really interesting one to work on as we had to collect a lot of public data and have to really dig into analyzing it. In fact, it was referenced in a few articles, such as this one. Just because I am sharing the articles does not mean I do or do not endorse them. It is just really cool that someone used the information from the nytimes piece in there article.

Quantierra has investors that have invested in other interesting companies have have cool projects. One of the company’s investor is Y Combinator. Another one of the company’s investor is Venture Souq. I think that there are other places to find their investors like Crunchbase. I think that they might have a list on Angel List as well as on Pitchbook which is some site a lot of venture capitalists use.

I should probably create a separate page for detailed information about Quantierra the company and stuff more specfically about my job there.

Anyway, if you want to know about more books I read, check out my Goodreads profile and for movies like to watch, check out my Letterboxd profile. I also ask a lot of questions on Reddit about stuff I am interested in. It is another good place to get questions answered,especially a lot of movies and television related stuff as well as science fiction and fantasy. I also have written some code for fun and you can check it out on my Github profile.

Professional, you can check out what I do at Linkedin and Angel List and F6S and other places.

Feel free to DM on Twitter even though I’m not a big social media user.